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High-security validator uses unique Multi-Frequency Technology (MFT) protection against string manipulation and optical monitoring of the coin path
Versatile interfaces and sorting options make it appealing to a variety of applications.
Flexible design and teach options like inhibiting single or group coins/tokens, currency updates, and configuration uploads


The NRI® G-13™ is the market-leading 3.5″ coin validator, setting the standards with its unique Multi-Frequency Technology (MFT) validation. This popular coin validator is highly flexible in its application range thanks to various models, interfaces, and sorters offered. Used in applications ranging from AWP and slot machines to carwash and laundry mats, the G.13 is well suited with anti-stringing protection and protocol encryption for high-manipulation security wherever it is needed.


CPI customers across the globe can attest to the resilience of this coin validator and its proven track record of being flexible yet secure invalidation.


Technical Specification:
Coin Insertion
A single coin, front or top entry


Coin Speed (coin/s)
2 – 6 Coins per second


Dimensions (H x W x D in mm)
102mm x 89mm x 52mm


Industry Format
5 inch


Coin Sorting
Optional / external 3-way


Operating Temperature
-25°C to +70°C


Coin Processing
32 coins max. in 2 x 16 or 1 x 32 channels Coin Diameter: 15 – 31.5mm (optional up to 32.5mm) Coin Thickness: 1.5 – 2.5mm (optional up to 3.3mm)


Parallel: Standard version
Parallel: SGI 16/49/46/62/33/80/100 versions as Simple Gaming Interfaces
Parallel: Casino version for high-speed coin acceptance
Parallel: AMU version for AWP Spain
Parallel: With totalizer function as 1/2-price totalizer, Timer, TV totalizer
Parallel: BDTA-compatible 16-pole interfaces
Parallel: ECV-totalizer


Supply Voltage
10 V DC – 27 V DC ±10%, Optional: 10 V DC – 48 V DC


After the purchase, please let us know which type of coin acceptor you need. Front entry or top entry and reject type and required interface.

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