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We designed the N7 with a lot of the same functionality and protection as the luxurious housing but for a fraction of the cost, allowing the owner to experience what it’s like to have high-end housing without breaking their budget.


The N7 has enough space for 2 widescreen displays of 22 inches, 24 inches, or 27 inches. It also features LED backlighting available in blue, red, green, or yellow, and a customizable branding logo option to include your own!


Thanks to its spacious, well-laid-out interior, the N7 can accommodate the components of a slot machine with very solid transport wheels and handles that allow the owners to move it around very easily when needed.


To put it briefly, the N7 combines sleek design, luxury-level protection, and a private, enjoyable gambling experience anywhere the owner chooses to place it.


22” / 24” / 27”

The housing can designed for installation all kind of

Bill validators, Coin validators, Ticket printers, Barcode scanners, Card readers, Hoppers, etc


180 cm / 5’ 10”


55 cm / 1’ 9”


40 cm / 1’ 3”


66 kg / 146 lb


Powder coated sheet


Black as standard. On special request, it is possible to paint in colors from the RAL palette.

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