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Are you looking to spice up your casino, restaurant, or bar with an added layer of gambling excitement without breaking the bank or settling for a low-quality solution that will need to be replaced in 6 months?


That’s exactly why we created our I7 gaming machine cabinet: An affordable, entry-level option that still offers the same build quality and functionality as all of Slovaria’s products!


The I7 features a clean stainless steel finish and sleek design that gives you great looks without breaking your budget and accommodates 2 screens of 22, 24, and 27 inches.


With the I7, you’re buying a durable gaming machine cabinet that keeps any terminal safe, protected, and away from any gambling fraud by the users.


Our I7 comes with customizable LED lighting, logo, color, and metal finish that you can pick and choose with your own freedom, making it unique and tailored to your brand’s theme and identity.


22” / 24” / 27”

The housing can designed for installation all kind of

Bill validators, Coin validators, Ticket printers, Barcode scanners, Card readers, Hoppers, etc


180 cm / 5’ 10”


55 cm / 1’ 9”


45 cm / 1’ 5”


76 kg / 168 lb


Powder coated sheet


Black as standard. On special request, it is possible to paint in colors from the RAL palette.

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