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Based on a belt drive, Evolution is a great product in terms of both performance and ease of maintenance.
The combination of extremely wear-resistant plastic resins with state of the art electronics has produced a device with low purchase and management costs.
This type of hopper can be used for 95% of coins and tokens worldwide, without needing adjustments. Evolution is completely interchangeable with the other models available on the market.


Board easily accessible from outside and extractible for facilitating maintenance
DC motor, driven by an electronic actuator, which reduces friction and noise
Equipped with a built-in agitator to prevent coin jams, as well as with additional electronic anti-jam electronics
The standard version can be easily transformed into the adjoining version by simply removing the cover, which is fastened by two screws, and moving the connector to the new position
Completely compatible with Universal Evolution hoppers
High quality materials for long trouble free operations
Double installation option: adjoining and standard
Minimal maintenance
Reduced noise
Anti-jam electronics


Technical specification:
Dimensions (LxHxW in mm)




Power supply
20 ÷ 24 Vdc ± 10%


Current consumption
40 mA in stand-by – 2.5A during dispensing


Power consumption
0.8W in stad-by – 50W during dispensing


Coins accepted
Ø 16 ÷ 30 mm – thickness 1.25 – 3.5 mm


Payout speed
4 – 5 coins per second


Coin capacity
1.00€ – 1200


Standard Parallel (EV1000)


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