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On our mission of providing an extensive, A-Z range of terminal solutions, we wanted to cater to business owners, casinos, and bookmakers that might already have components and terminals that need higher quality, more durable housing.


That’s exactly where our desktop terminal housings come into play, giving you a much-needed step up in terms of looks, seamless functionality, and unmatched durability!


No matter the circumstances of your environment, the use case, or your customers’ behavior, our desktop terminals will withstand any challenge you throw its way and can accommodate either a 19-inch, 22-inch or 24-inch screen.


It works for slot machines, gambling games, bookmaking, and as a public information kiosk, with all the correct openings and slots already fabricated for you to install all your components seamlessly!




Potential use:
Slot machine
Betting terminal
Skill games
Interactive kiosk
Multimedia terminal
Information terminal
Ticket machine




22” / 24” / 27”

The housing can designed for installation all kind of

Bill validators, Coin validators, Ticket printers, Barcode scanners, Card readers, Hoppers, etc


40 cm / 1’ 3”


50 cm / 1’ 7”


40 cm / 1’ 3”


15 kg / 33 lb


Powder coated sheet


Black as standard. On special request, it is possible to paint in colors from the RAL palette.

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Desktop Terminal LED