About company

After years of research and development and leading the gambling gaming industry, Slovaria has accumulated rich experience in manufacturing techniques, quality control, and a workforce that brings unmatched hardware and software solutions to everyday users and business owners.

Today, we offer the most comprehensive portfolio of digital gambling and bookkeeping products on the market, with engaging betting opportunities that are accessible, simple, and seamlessly integrated into any business flow, perfect for restaurants, pubs, and casinos.

Our specialty shines the most in:

Gaming machines and betting terminals

Bingo games

Lottery machines

information kiosks for public use

Empty gambling and betting housings

Completely equipped and loaded terminals with high-end and customizable components.

We pride ourselves on being the one-stop-shop for everything gambling and bookkeeping terminal-related, covering hardware, housings, cabinets, and even software to complete the picture.

In addition to that, we purchase various types of used housings and subassemblies from customers, giving them a viable replacement for their existing machines or terminals.

Our team is trained to involve our clients in every step of the development process and provide them with a flexible, customizable, and helpful production experience, as well as quick shipping and delivery, thanks to our extensive inventory and production capabilities.

And to add to our community service, we don’t require a specific minimum order quality and work with small businesses with products that are tailored to their own budgets and resources.

With us, you can find the functional, high-end gambling and sports betting solutions you want, away from cookie-cutter products and gaming solutions that simply don’t work for your customer base.


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